Gamze Triko, fund by Babat Family, has entered the triko textile and confection sector on year 2000.

From the year 2000 to this day. Gamtze Triko had moved forward while following domestic and foreign markets, growing, improving and gaining respect and value as a company.

With it's woman, man, kid and accessory (blankets, scarves and berets) groups, gamze triko has been producing for both domestic and foreign markets with it's wide options.

Growing-fast Gamze Triko has met the Limited company title, lead by Şahin Babat on 2017 and begun to export as GAMZE TRIKO TEXTILE INDUSTRY EXPORT LTD with professional crew, growing job possibilities and renewed technology. Growing by following innovations, production, design and collection, Gamze triko has stretching the product capacity and service network and known by the whole sector as a company who respected and trusted by it's clients.

Gamze triko is always open to growing by understanding the clent's wishes of quality, price, delivery time and keeping the satisfaction of them as top priority.

As following the saying "Customers are our benefactor", we see our customers not just clients but also our partners.


As gamze triko our vision is to become the lead supplier for the both Turkey and the world's textile brands.

To serve the world with fast-growing, innovative, strategic view; qualified, well-mannered, honest, diciplined, systematic, hardworking, customer-oriented employees and fast, technologic and high-quality products and wide service network as worldwide organization.


As gamze triko our mission is always to be customer-oriented; using the right materials, full quality, innovative technologic and completing fast and top performance work.

Gamze triko stands as a top place supplier with our innovative designs which answers fully for customer's need, top quality products; fast, flexible and solution oriented services and our social responsibility awareness.


To serve our customers the best in every condition with our hardworking and responsible team,

to provide efficiency based, measureable and reachable goaled systems,

to understand and satisfy our customers in the best way possible,

to offer our products with quality, experience and innovative view,

to increase our team's happiness through the company's achievements,

to have a beneficial work relationship with our providers and support true and qualified cooperation,

and last but not least, to represent Turkey with our quality in world market.